With prices from just 10 € we are the best option for the budget traveller in Paramaribo. We offer an authentic surinamese experience while saving money!

Many free services

Apart from a bed and a shower, we also offer a few free services, that just might come in handy: wifi, luggage service, refridgerator for guests and  access to PC on request. We offer many options for recharging electrical devices all over the house and cabin, all for free. For a low price we offer breakfast, laundry service and local calls. 

You can grab a beer or a softdrink in our fridge for a very reasonable price. The system is a tap system, where you note what you have taken, and pay before you leave. It is the general philosophy here at Un Pied a Terre: We like to keep in simple, homely and honest.

Here you can check out our great prices yourself!


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Children till 2 are free
 VAT (8%) included
Prices in SRD may vary depending on the exchange rate

We will ask you to pay in advance to secure your reservation,

using Creditcard or an other payment service